Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Style for a Real-Live McLeod's Daughter

Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Style for a Real-Live McLeod's Daughter

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WORKING as a dairy hand morning and night, and fitting in a second job between, hasn't left Fiona McLeod, of Goolmangar, with much time to think about her appearance.

After a stressful year trying to get ahead after a loan she made wasn't repaid, Fiona has put her time into work, work and more work.

Fortunately, her friend Kirstin Paterson, who runs Goolmangar's general store, thought it was time for some encouragement for Fiona and contacted us to suggest her for a makeover.

We met up with Fiona on a morning which had started, as usual, at dawn milking 'only 130' cows. At Max Hair and Beauty in Ballina, Fiona chatted to owner Judy Browning about what ideas she had for her hair.

While Fiona had recently had it cut, she wasn't thrilled with the results and thought that perhaps a major change, such as going blonde or going much shorter, might be the way to go.

"I've been known to cut my hair myself by just tying it back and chopping the ponytail," admitted Fiona.

However, Judy had other ideas, as she explains.

"Fiona is not a high-maintenance girl and working such long hours she needs a practical style without too much upkeep," Judy says. "To balance her face, she looks best with her hair pulled back to show off her eyes. Her hair is almost long enough to tie back now and she can wear it out when she goes out.

"Fiona has beautiful dark hair, which suits her eyes, and going blonde would not suit her at all, aside from the maintenance," Judy says. "However, adding some highlights in copper and gold will give her a new look and won't need the same upkeep."

Judy trimmed Fiona's hair to create a better shape around her face while it was growing out, and then finished by neatening and shaping Fiona's eyebrows and applying a light, natural make-up which accentuated her dark eyes.

Aside from paid work, Fiona also breeds quarter horses - her dream career - and loves woodwork. …

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