Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Christian 'Beliefs' a Baffling Science

Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Christian 'Beliefs' a Baffling Science

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REGARDING 'Missing links' (NS, 7/11): If Lee Andresen were to complain about the treatment of gays (and any number of groups the Christian Church considers to be on the outer), he would be fully justified.

There is endless evidence of the abuse, vilification, torture and death meted out to those who do not subscribe to the rather limited Christian world view.

That Christians like Scott Forster want the rest of us to respect their 'beliefs' is laughable, given the misery inflicted on the world in their name.

That Scott Forster thinks that the teaching of Christian belief is 'real science' is indicative of the intellectual bankruptcy of those who teach nonsense such as 'intelligent design theory' or 'flood geology'.

This, and other equally whacky Christian doctrine, is not science. It is theology dressed up in a lab coat.

Science requires evidence and proof through research, and is subject to peer review. Theology and Christian mythology do none of those things.

Finally, Scott Forster resorts to that well-known tactic of defenders of the faith, by insinuating the 'missing link' is proof that evolution is a false theory. Disingenuous at best, but those with any ability to apply critical thinking will see straight through it.

I don't know what the missing link is, nor I suspect does Mr Forster or Mr Andresen. But that is no reason to throw out Charles Darwin's well-established theory. Unless one is a Christian, of course.

We could then apply the incredibly lazy Christian default position and claim that as we do not know all the answers, it must be the work of God! …

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