Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

River Gave Life to Young Village

Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

River Gave Life to Young Village

Article excerpt

Byline: Marilyn Lenihan

THE coming of the early river traffic which plied between Ipswich and Brisbane from 1846 along the Brisbane and Bremer rivers saw many changes in Ipswich village.

Wharves were built at the end of Nicholas and East Streets and the turn around point for the ships was the "basin" (Basin Pocket).

East Street was the main street of Ipswich which was thought of as a rowdy, bawdy village where "anything goes".

The comings and goings of ships, bullock drays, visitors etc made Ipswich a very busy place as it catered for the needs of people living on the Darling Downs and it was from Ipswich that bales of wool, timber and other goods were shipped to Brisbane.

It's hard to imagine Ipswich as it was over 160 years ago, yet from here some of the many migrants brought with them much knowledge and know how which took a small area and made it a prosperous bustling city and a centre for commerce and trade.

Consequently the Brisbane and Bremer Rivers became a living and vital part of this city.

Today let's take time to read some of the happenings and buildings on the river and the banks of the Bremer in the 1860s and 1870s.

By 1867 some interest had been felt in the effort made by the merchants of Ipswich to get this town proclaimed a port of entry.

Ipswich, being the head of navigation, had long been the halting place for the up-country bullock drays and the place in which settlers principally transacted their business - shipping their wool and obtaining their station supplies.

Consequently, a number of large commercial establishments were erected here and it was felt a great hardship that merchants should be compelled to send down to Brisbane to pay duty on their imported goods. After a "tussle" with the Collector of Customs Mr Thornton, the right was conceded to Ipswich to have a sort of Custom House and bonded store established. …

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