Newspaper article Gympie Times, The Qld.

Time to Stop the Bloodshed; Peace in the Middle East Will Never Come While We Turn a Blind Eye

Newspaper article Gympie Times, The Qld.

Time to Stop the Bloodshed; Peace in the Middle East Will Never Come While We Turn a Blind Eye

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IF I was asked to describe Australia's foreign policy in one word, the choice would be between contradictory and gutless.

If we were only refusing former Guantanamo Bay inmates, released without being proven guilty of a crime, entry on the basis that they fail our strict immigration criteria, whilst readily fast tracking defecting sportsmen; we would only be guilty of contradiction and inconsistency.

Failing to condemn Israel's current and general behaviour regarding the Gaza Strip descends to the level of gutless. At least this attitude is consistent.

Having tailed along like a neutered puppy while the Yanks blockaded and destroyed the legitimate government of the sovereign nation of Iraq, we cannot complain when their proxy in the Middle East does the same to the legitimate government of the Gaza Strip. Remember Hamas won a free and fair election that Israel insisted upon and then refused to recognise.

While Israel refuses to recognise Hamas, it can hardly expect reciprocal recognition of its own disputed right to exist.

Instead, Israel embargoed Gaza, closed borders, stole aid and tax money, the property of the inhabitants of Gaza, and insisted that it had the right to assassinate whomsoever it chose by what ever means it saw fit.

Targeted liquidation remains murder, extrajudicial killing without proof of any offence, no matter who is doing the killing.

Israel's refusal to allow war correspondents freedom in Gaza smells too much of Russia in Chechnya, the US in Iraq or the Vietnam War, generally to improve the credibility of the claim they are engaged in a legitimate military operation.

If the handling of the invasion of Lebanon was a media farce, this effort is a media disaster. Playing the victim when your overwhelming military forces have been oppressing and imprisoning Gaza's people for years is naive.

Attacking UN schools, religious centres and residential areas, proclaiming them to be legitimate military targets because Hamas hides amongst the population is hypocrisy when your own militia/ready reserve takes their guns home each night.

Either both civilian populations are legitimate targets or neither is. Murdered kids are murdered kids.

Displaying the hundreds of rockets fired into Israel by Hamas was idiocy.

The racks of rusted remains demonstrated two things. Firstly, the vast majority not only could have been made in a back yard out of water pipe, but obviously were.

Secondly, few were capable of carrying a real payload. They were mostly blown out at the side like a large penny bunger.

You would not want to be hit by one, it might kill you; but one landing in the backyard would probably break the windows and deafen the cat. Apart from range, many of the offending missiles would be little more dangerous than a medieval catapult. …

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