The Power from Eating Raw Food

Article excerpt

WOULD you like to make a big positive difference in your nutrition with a minimum of effort? All you have to do is access the power of raw food.

Although some fruits and vegetables really have to be cooked to be edible (potato and rhubarb spring to mind instantly), there are many that will lose most of their nutrients if you overcook them.

We had a joke in naturopathic school about the "old" Australian style of boiling vegetables until they were mushy and colourless: You could cook your veg this way, but you would benefit most if you then threw out the vegetables and drank the water they were boiled in - as that was where all the nutrients went to.

Vegetables do sometimes need to be cooked.

Many contain phytic or oxalic acid, naturally occurring plant chemicals which deter insect pests.

This phytic or oxalic acid will get in the way of mineral absorption, and also prevent us from absorbing the minerals in the plant.

So by lightly cooking foods like silverbeet we're actually helping our digestion. …


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