Get on Top of Anxiety; A Workshop Helps Anxiety Sufferers Cope with Their Disorders

Article excerpt


YOUR heart starts to race, you feel like you are drowning in the sweat, your hands tremble and your chest tightens and then, right in the bottom of your gut like a stone, you dread what is coming next.

Symptoms like these are classic examples of a case of anxiety - a normal human reaction to real danger, threat or life-changing situations.

However, in some people anxiety cases become so frequent or overwhelming the attacks begin to interfere with everyday life and make normal daily activities seem difficult or impossible.

For those suffering anxiety disorders finding help can be a daunting process, a situation the Bundaberg Neighbourhood Centre recognised when they held a free workshop on Monday with Wide Bay Women's Health counsellor Carol Howard.

"With anxiety too much of it becomes a disorder and it becomes all about managing that disorder," Ms Howard said.

Ms Howard said treatment of anxiety disorders varied depending on the type of disorder and the person and in severe cases more drastic action may need to be taken.

"With long standing anxiety we need both pills and skills," Ms Howard said.

Ms Howard said there was many myths associated with anti-depressants, most of which had originated when the drugs were still being developed. …


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