Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

I'm Moving House ... Please Pass the Valium

Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Daily (Maroochydore, Australia)

I'm Moving House ... Please Pass the Valium

Article excerpt

STRESSFUL. Horrid. Never-ending. No, I am not describing the new Enrique Iglesias's CD. I am talking about moving.

Apparently no-one's blood pressure is immune to going up, when it comes to packing up.

Recent surveys show moving is the third most stressful life event, following death and divorce. I did not believe this until now.

Yes, I am poised to move into my new Adenbrook pad, but the excitement of finally living in my very own house has been over-powered by the stress of moving.

My home looks as though a bomb has gone off inside. I am still trying frantically to finish white washing some old furniture so it will look more shabby chic than just plain shabby in my new home.

In the process my garage is a temporary paint shop complete with drop sheets and tins of half used paint scattered across the entire floor.

On top of that, my old couch is being recovered by my sister's mother-in-law so there is a full scale operation underway in one room, with scraps of fabric stuck to the wall and massive panels of materials unrolled across the floor, making it look similar to a chaotic scene from Project Runway. Except Heidi Klume and her perfect pout is no-where in sight.

Oh no, instead there is just a very stressed-out me, wearing grey tracky dacks and a paint-stained t-shirt, looking spookily similar to Beetlejuice.

And of course most of my cupboards and drawers are half empty, with the other remaining contents either in boxes or on the floor as I am in the process of actually packing everything I own in the world to be carted to the other side of the Coast.

My fridge has been turned off, so food is a bit of an issue. And I still have the joy of looking forward to actually cleaning everything from the ceiling fans to the window sills for the joyous moment that is the bond inspection.

Oh yes, and do the gardens, oops, and clean out the shed in the backyard, and um, try and sell pieces of furniture that simply will not fit into my new place.

And did I mention I have guests arriving to stay for a few nights despite me trying very hard to convince them it may be more comfortable to stay in a one-star hotel in a war-torn country. …

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