Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Gen Y Firmly Holds on as Kings, Queens of Facebook

Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Gen Y Firmly Holds on as Kings, Queens of Facebook

Article excerpt

SO FAR I have managed to collect for myself 62 friends.

Small fry, according to my son, who at nearly a quarter of my age, has more than 150 friends to his name - accrued in a week.

He has also managed to join a number of very cool groups such as "The only real Strauss is Richard", "People who don't clap between movements (of symphonies, I'm imagining)" and "I want to punch slow walking people in the back of the head", while the best I can manage is the "Save water ... drink more champagne" group. But at least I understand the motivation of these particular peeps.

While I have not yet figured out how to download an image of myself on to my home page (for the benefit of those of my new cyber-space friends who might not actually know what I look like - people like Kevin Rudd, for instance; I'm sure he's curious), Alex has manipulated an Andy Warhol-esque photo onto his profile space, which blends seamlessly with his witty, yet savvy, portfolio details. (My comments on the other hand, sound like I'm applying for a job in the taxation department. Yawn.)

All of which just goes to show that while members of Generation X such as myself may join social networks like Facebook, My Space and Twitter, we will never ever be masters of those domains.

I was quite excited to have discovered Facebook over the summer. After many months of suppressing a vague curiosity about the phenomenon, I was galvanized into action after running into an old friend of mine in the street.

"Daniel!" I exclaimed with delight. "So good to see you - I didn't know you were back from overseas!"

Looking somewhat abashed, Daniel explained he had actually been home for several weeks.

He hadn't phoned anyone to announce his arrival -"but I did put it on Facebook," he said.

Okay, so it was either a clever diversion tactic to spare my feelings ... or all the incentive I needed to bite the bullet.

So I joined. And was quickly hooked. The next few days were spent perfecting my stalker skills, tracking down old acquaintances, renewing recent ones and trying in vain to find that first boyfriend, who continues to elude my best efforts to see whether my prophecies of him never finding happiness in this life without me have come true. …

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