Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Science, Religion Tells the Same Tale

Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Science, Religion Tells the Same Tale

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B PARKER (NS, 17/3) believes faith and rational thought are irreconcilable. I once believed this, too.

I remember my mother warning me that studying science would destroy my faith. She was right. Science destroyed my faith in God and replaced it with knowledge of God. For the record, I have a BSc (Syd) majoring in pure maths, psychology and computing. My knowledge of God came through my love of mathematics and physics.

When atheists talk about 'science' they quote Darwin and Newton; they rarely quote any modern scientists.

They talk of a sterile Newtonian universe with balls floating in empty space; they don't talk about string theory, where the universe consists of a minimum of 10 dimensions and our 3-D 'physical' universe is just the energy radiating from the lowest three levels.

Most of our universe is non-physical. At school I learnt that visible light was only part of a much larger invisible spectrum. At university I learnt everything is part of that spectrum - even what we think of as 'matter'. Atoms are not made of 'little-balls' like the models in old chemistry labs; they are just wavelengths - energy - and if atoms are just energy, then everything is just energy.

In such a universe the 'degrees of freedom' increase as you go up each dimensional level. You can do things at the next level that you cannot do at lower levels. Your shadow (a 2-D object) cannot do everything you can do in 3D. Therefore, theoretically, anything is possible at the highest dimensional level.

The only problem with this new view of the universe is that it is anything but new - it is basically the same model outlined in any number of scriptures.

The Hindus talk of multiple higher planes of existence, the Toa teaches that the Primodal Toa exists at the Tenth level; the Koran speaks of the Seven Heavens; St Paul talks of 'a man taken up to the third heaven,' and even Jesus refers to 'the heavens' in the early Greek versions of the Bible. The word God is similar to Yod, the number 10 in Hebrew.

So for me, there is no separation between science and religion as they are both telling me the same thing.

The ability of Jesus (or any spiritual master) to resurrect the physical body at will is similar mathematically to our ability to make our shadow appear and disappear by jumping in and out of the sunshine. …

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