Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

What Goes Around

Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

What Goes Around

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SOMETIMES we all tend to take things too seriously; it helps to see the funny side occasionally.

That said, you don't normally find too many laughs in a doctor's surgery.

Maybe it's just me, but I've had a couple of good chuckles there lately.

Take the other day - I had made an appointment for a flu injection and asked if it would be okay if I brought Mrs Mikko for hers at the same time. Sure, no worries.

So we turn up at the appointed time, with my better half (by far) fretting about being a bit late for work.

But we get straight in to see our friendly young GP, Dr Amir, who is of Arab extraction.

He gives me a big welcoming grin and says, "Hello John, you are here to get two this morning."

What the? " No, no Amir, this is my wife - I'm here to get my injection and she wants to get one too."

"She can have one, but you get two - you are over 65 now."

That sounds as clear as mud to me as I shake my head and protest, "Only just". No need to rub it in.

He has an even bigger grin from ear to ear as he nods and repeats loudly and slowly, for my benefit: "Yes - O V E R - 65".

He is also saying something about "pneumonia" and the nurse, guessing I'm in need of an interpreter, chimes in with the information that people over 65 now receive a free pneumonia vaccine as well as the flu vac.

Well okay, if it's free, I'm not arguing. But meanwhile, Mrs Mikko doesn't qualify yet so she has to have a prescription filled at the nearby pharmacy.

She looks at her watch and at me. "Can't I have yours, and you go and get the prescription filled?"

No, sorry, the batch numbers have to be recorded against the patient details so off she goes and returns shortly for her jab and a dig at me for my earlier Basil Fawlty comedy routine. That's okay, I can take it.

A couple of days later, I'm back there for a routine comprehensive blood test. There's a long wait, so I look around for something to read.

Now I'm not telling any secrets if I say doctors' surgeries are notorious for their magazine libraries. Most of them are women's mags and I see on a cover of one that Nicole and Keith are denying baby rumours before the bump that is Sunday Rose becomes too obvious. …

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