Imagine a Power Bill of $0; Grid-Connected Solar Power Systems Can Minimise Costs and Your Impact on the Environment, but Act before Rebates Dry Up

Article excerpt

Byline: Karen Simmons

IMAGINE having a zero-dollar power bill. Better than that - imagine your electricity company actually owing you money because you have the ability to generate excess power. This is possible and people all over Queensland are doing exactly that - with the new generation of grid-connected solar power systems.

Kelvin Rasmussen from Climatecare Electrical is Rockhampton's local photovoltaic power generation system installer and he is passionate about informing his community of the amazing benefits of solar power, the rebates and financial assistance, as well as the positive effects it has on the environment.

"With my electrical background I understand a person's electricity bill and their consumption. I can create a system that works with their budget and their lifestyle," Kelvin said.

"What we try to achieve for people is a zero power bill."

The Queensland Government is supporting solar and currently offers rebates for solar power systems that can contribute excess power back into the grid. The government solar scheme provides a feed-in tariff of 44 cents per kW hour for all excess power generation. The Federal Government's Solar Homes and Communities plan, offering $8000 to eligible families who install solar, coupled with further discounts through Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), makes good economic sense. Green Loans will also be offered in early 2009, which is a five-year scheme offering $10,000 to applicants.

Kelvin believes there is no better time to make the switch or invest in solar than now, as rebates could change very soon.

"It won't be long now the $8000 rebate will be changed. People who have an income less than $100,000 and are eligible for the rebate need to act fast if they want to go solar and save," he said.

"The current rebate scheme is receiving in excess of 1000 applications per week Australia-wide. …