Two Kangaroos out on Loose in Queens Park; Idiots Cut Enclosure Fence and Dopes Steal Hemp

Article excerpt

Byline: Joe Flynn and Clementine Norton

TWO kangaroos are at large in Queens Park, after vandals cut into their enclosures during the weekend, sparking a spate of telephone calls to Bundaberg Regional Council's after-hours hotline.

While one of the escapees has been re-captured and put back into its repaired enclosure, Bundaberg Regional Council staff are still on the look-out for the others.

"There were two holes in one compound and three in the other," a council spokeswoman said.

She said council officers spent yesterday searching for the escaped animals.

"They are going to search again at 5am, when they think they have the best chance of finding them," she said.

"There has been a considerable cost in fixing the compounds and council is doing all in our power to remedy the situation."

But it is not just council officials lamenting the acts of idiots after a weekend of stupid crime.

A Bundaberg hemp farmer said thieves, who stole 20 plants of a new subtropical variety of hemp, were "idiots."

Agrifibre Industries chief executive officer Jim Hall said the plants, which went missing on Saturday morning, were a new variation of the hemp plant which would have been worth $500,000 when they were fully developed. …


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