Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Dealing with Effeminate Tendencies in Your Son

Newspaper article News Mail Bundaberg Qld.

Dealing with Effeminate Tendencies in Your Son

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Byline: Coping with kids

TEN-year old Nathan came into my office clutching a green plastic bag, obviously containing prized possessions.

We got talking about friends and favourite hobbies when he opens the bag and produces Dolly Surprise - the baby whose hair grows longer when you lift her arm, and Little Miss Make-up - the doll whose make-up disappears when exposed to hot water.

This was Nathan's hobby, brushing and dressing dolls.

I looked across at dad, the football coach and his eyes were brimful.

I looked back at Nathan and noticed the precise speech, the exaggerated hand movements and his toey walk which apparently he'd had since he was two.

After we'd talked a while and I found that he did well at school, was a wonderful kid to have around the house and played easily with a few boys and one or two girls, I watched him waft off to the waiting room while I took the chance to chat to mum and dad.

Dad could contain his questions and his grief no longer.

What did we do wrong? What do we do when his grandparents encourage him to bring his dolls to their place? Is he going to be a homosexual? What are we supposed to do or say or think?

The answers went something like this:

* What did they do wrong? Nothing - studies of twins suggest genetic factors may be involved and recent evidence also suggests that prenatal hormones may be a significant factor in the development of sex-related behaviour.

* Do they go along with his birthday wish for dolls? Like any other kid of either sex if he already has enough you might try and attract him to alternatives.

* What do they do about the encouraging grandparents? If that's what they want to do together then let them.

Girl play has nothing to do with homosexuality or sexual preference.

At the same time talk to grandparents privately about his need to extend his repertoire to include activities which may not be so sex-stereotyped, like rug-making, tapestry, weaving, macrame and maybe a book or two on cottage crafts

* Do they intervene if he starts playing girls' games in public? …

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