Newspaper article Gympie Times, The Qld.

Social Problem Wars Have Little Success; Organised Crime Is Now a Major Employer

Newspaper article Gympie Times, The Qld.

Social Problem Wars Have Little Success; Organised Crime Is Now a Major Employer

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Europeans are in love with the metaphors of war. Australia and America have the disease worse than any other nations.

There is a war on drugs, a war on terrorism, a war on gangsters and even, in a bizarre twist, a war on want.

We are unable even to do charity without polluting our actions with the language of aggression.

As we hunker down for the next exciting episode, with the army reinforcing their security in case a group of civilians attack them and steal their weapons, it might be opportune to enquire as to whether our perennial and instinctive aggression has ever solved a problem.

We have focused increasing aggression on both the drug problem and the road toll since the early seventies with no visible improvement in the latter and a steady growth in the former which is directly proportional to the degree to which increased prices make the game worth the risk.

There is no evidence that Australia is any safer for participating in the war against terrorism or that we are objectively any less safe than those countries that have politely refused to join in the universal delusion.

The problem with the military metaphor is that its language is the language of hate.

That is why wars on social problems have no record of success.

Hating drug pushers does not reduce the level of drug sales.

Many of the low level offenders are addicts themselves on-selling to support their habit.

Treating them with derision and contempt won't reduce their behaviour because many of them are where they are because of low self esteem arising from being treated exactly that way as children.

They are merely a symptom of the general social malaise that fosters the substance abuse culture.

Once criminality was founded in poverty and ignorance, just as revolutionary thought and terrorism still are.

That form of crime is actually easy to eradicate.

Merely allowing people self respect and the opportunity to earn a decent living reduces offending.

The money spent combating terrorism world wide would be better spent on reducing poverty, increasing education and improving the lot of women in the countries that form the current hotbeds of terrorism and fundamental religious activity.

European criminality and social upheaval is founded in greed not poverty.

The Gordon Gecko creed the greed is good still resonates with the elites of our society.

The chief executive officer who bankrupts the company but takes the golden parachute, the Telstra boss who presides over the collapse of a government enterprise into a puddle of private debt before taking his millions and the banks which make massive profits whilst complaining that they cannot pass on interest rate cuts because of the high level of borrowing costs are all fostering the same moral and ethical bankruptcy that allows drug lords to meet their market, slavers to sell women into forced prostitution and child pornographers to ply their disgusting trade. …

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