Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Drug War Spurs More Violence

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Drug War Spurs More Violence

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The drug war has created a vast police state in the United States, exactly as did the Volstead Act during the 1920s, when alcohol was outlawed. The corruption and large-scale violence that accompanied prohibition also is a product of the war on drugs. Drug laws have disproportionately criminalized youth and minorities, stigmatizing them in a manner that precludes many otherwise available avenues for future stability and prosperity. Marijuana decriminalization would be the first step, along with taxation of marijuana sales and freedom to grow one's own.


Children need discipline. Very bad children need harsh discipline. The boys at the White House in the 1950s were not altar boys. They were all future criminals with no respect for authority. If we took some of Jacksonville's gun-packing teenage thugs and sent them to a place where they could be disciplined as deserved, our crime problems would diminish. Beat it out of them early or deal with them as adult criminals later.


I am a member of First Baptist Church of Jacksonville. I am also a staunch conservative and have been a supporter of the church, the [Jacksonville Sheriff's Office] and the new state attorney. But I am really angry about the blogger being "outed." Does this mean that anytime someone says something critical, it can be investigated for "criminal activity"? I cannot believe that the church, the police and the state attorney's office would first let such a conflict of interest occur (the pastor's personal security guard was a JSO officer and filed the report) and second, that they all would condone the infringement of the blogger's first amendment rights under the pretense of a possible crime.


It is scary that the leadership of a megachurch would have the clout to ferret out the identity of someone trying to remain anonymous on the Internet. …

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