Twitter Works a Tweet for Online Networking; Service's Popularity Soars as Savvy Users Follow Trend to Build Contacts

Article excerpt

THE sound of tweeting in Ipswich is growing louder but it is not being caused by an influx of birds.

Twitter is the internet's latest social networking phenomenon and if you are already confused you might want to take a seat.

The service allows friends, family and co-workers to stay connected through their Twitter page by using one basic question - What are you doing?

Just like SMS messages, tweeters have 140 characters to keep their friends up to date with what they are doing.

While many use the service to find out that Britney Spears has taken out her trash or Hugh Jackman has changed his underwear, some residents are using it to grow their businesses.

Booval resident and Virtual Office Solutions director Korryn Campbell has been using Twitter for about a week and said it has helped her build contacts with Ipswich's other tech savvy businesses.

"I am using it as a networking tool to get my brand out there and allow people to see what I do," Mrs Campbell said.

"For networking I think it is fantastic."

After The Queensland Times conducted a phone interview with Mrs Campbell she was able to let her contacts know something exciting was happening for her company.

Her latest tweet said: " About to pick daughter up from school and get back to office in time for a photo shoot with QT. …


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