Prevention Is Often the Best Treatment: Vet; Vigilant Management Key to Protection from Infectious Diseases

Article excerpt


HORSE owners should remain vigilant for the potential of zoonotic diseases when handling their animals.

Disease such as ringworm, salmonellosis and recently the Hendra virus have made people aware of the potential for disease transmission which can occur from horses to humans.

Prevention is often the best means of treatment.

Good biosecurity and hygiene should be practiced when handling horses. Always wash hands after handling horses.

Keep equipment such as hoof knifes, dental gear, halters, leads and riding tack clean and tidy.

If you suspect a horse may be sick, keep it isolated from other horses and contact your veterinarian.

The Queensland Department of Primary Industries (DPI) has printed guidelines for horse owners for dealing with the possibility of Hendra virus and can be found on their website (

The disease whilst quite rare should be considered when dealing with sick horses especially if they are feeding in close proximity to flying foxes. …


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