Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Staffing Crisis on the Dole Queues

Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Staffing Crisis on the Dole Queues

Article excerpt

THE Rudd Government's policies are forcing more and more people on to the dole queue.

Unemployment, predicted to rise to 10 per cent by Christmas this year, will put more pressure on Centrelink staff who are already underfunded and under-resourced to cope with the explosion in the unemployed, depending on their offices.

Unemployment in Lismore and Casino is at 9pc now and could rise to 14 or 15pc. There used to be only two or three waiting outside at 8.30am for the Centrelink doors to open; now there are 30 and 40.

This requires a dramatic increase in staff. Something must be done urgently.

ADA rebuttal

I REJECT strongly the assertions of Andrew Taylor (NS, 24/4) regarding water fluoridation.

The Australian Dental Association has been advising people for decades to live healthier lives, eat a balanced diet and reduce their sugar intake. Nevertheless, we continue to support water fluoridation (which was first introduced in NSW over 50 years ago) because it has played an important role in improving people's dental health and general health.

Fluoride acts in a number of ways to strengthen teeth and make them more resistant to decay.

While some of fluoride's effect is systemic, most of its effect is topical, that is, fluoride applied directly to the tooth surface and strengthening tooth enamel.

Topical fluoride can not only stop the development of tooth decay, but also make the enamel more resistant to future acid attacks.

It also helps by reducing the amount of acid produced by the bacteria in your mouth.

Drinking fluoridated water several times a day is the ideal way to give your teeth a quick fluoride treatment. …

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