Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

RANTS & RAVES; What's the Big Deal about a Handshake with Chavez?

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

RANTS & RAVES; What's the Big Deal about a Handshake with Chavez?

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I just don't understand the hullaballoo about president Obama's handshake with Hugo Chavez. In the Bible, Jesus said, "Make peace with your enemies." That's what Obama was trying to do. Since the dawn of history, an open hand showed the enemy that you had no weapon and had come in peace and friendship. Obama was simply saying "I am not George Bush. I am not the devil (Chavez's words) and certainly not your enemy." Doesn't anyone out there understand the psychology of this?


I drove by houses in my neighborhood with lawn sprinklers going today. Where is the enforcement of water rules? Monday is not a day that anybody is allowed to water their yards and these yards sure didn't look like new ones. If the city wants to raise money, water tickets is one way to go!


One hundred days isn't enough to judge a president, whether or not you voted for him. More than two years is sufficient to judge House Speaker Pelosi and Senate Leader Harry Reid: total disasters. Remember the "good ol' days," when they took the reins? Dow Jones near 14,000 and unemployment at 4.8 percent. The rest is tragic economic history.


Let's get this straight. First, the federal government caused this economic crisis due to the over-regulatory Community Reinvestment Act in which banks were forced to lend to potential homeowners who couldn't repay the loans, all to silence Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Now the federal regulators over-regulated by forcing bailout money on banks that didn't want/need it, forced Bank of America to take Merrill Lynch as the feds forced B of A to suppress Merrill's horrific financial picture, and now won't let banks repay bailout money. And they want more regulation?


A few congressional Democrats are calling for the government to close the border with Mexico due to swine flu concerns. It is noteworthy that these same Democrats have foiled every effort to regain control of our southern border for two decades. The fact of the matter is that, thanks to liberal Democrats, short of a massive military deployment, we do not have the ability to close our border if we tried. …

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