Perdue Vetoes Legislation That Would Freeze Property Values; He Cited Uncertainty with It, to the Approval of Camden's Mayors

Article excerpt


Gov. Sonny Perdue did Monday what Camden County's three mayors wanted him to do.

The governor vetoed legislation that would have established referendums in which Kingsland, St. Marys and Woodbine voters could have chosen to freeze the taxable value of homestead properties in their cities.

Citing uncertainty about how a freeze on residential property values would affect each of their cities, the mayors last month asked Perdue to veto the measure, which was introduced by state Sen. Jeff Chapman, R-Brunswick, in three bills.

"I'm disappointed that he did that. I know that many residents of the cities called and asked him not to do that,'' Chapman said. "I can only do my best for the people.''

Had Perdue not vetoed the bills, voters would have decided in November whether to roll property values in the city to 2006 or current levels, whichever is lower, and freeze them until the property is sold.

"I think the governor vetoing it probably was the best thing to do in this case," Woodbine Mayor Burford Clark said. "We were looking for uniformity on all classes of property."

Perdue also said uniformity was needed. In a written statement explaining his decision, Perdue said on May 5 he "signed a law imposing a moratorium on all increases in the assessed value of all classes of all subjects of property. …


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