Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)


Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)


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Byline: Debboo Frank

Calls are charged at 75p per minute BT landline. Other networks and mobiles may vary.

Call 09058 171 440 Call 09058 171 441 Call 09058 171 442 Call 09058 171 443 Call 09058 171 444 Call 09058 171 445 Call 09058 171 446 Call 09058 171 447 Call 09058 171 448 Call 09058 171 449 Call 09058 171 450 Call 09058 171 451 ARIES: The pressure for change is building up, but it seems that certain facts still need to be brought out into the open. The confusion that surrounds a project will clear in time and you should take the opportunity to further your own cause as far as you can. Position yourself amongst those who share your ideals.

TAURUS: You're someone who is able to set a goal and then focus on it until you've achieved it. Planets in Taurus are placing you at the centre of a project or an event. You have to expect some resistance to your ideas, particularly when the implications are so wide-ranging. Yet, you'll find that super-sensitive subjects can be dealt with right now.

GEMINI: You're clever enough to be able to divert someone, but perhaps you need to stay around and find out more. You've had enough experience of this game to know when you're onto a good thing. Life is too short for this to slip through your fingers.

Step up the pressure and you may well find that the opposition caves in.

CANCER: You're not being taken entirely seriously as yet, but this doesn't really concern you at this stage. Treat any challenges to your proposals as a test of your belief in yourself. Having to defend your point of view merely convinces you of the merit of these ideas. You've got a vision and this is something that you have to explore.

LEO: Part of you is reluctant to follow through on a commitment, but actually this would take your mind off other concerns. You've planted the seeds and now you must wait and see if they take root.

Don't assume that all is lost if developments don't follow the expected course. Right now things are coming together in mysterious ways.

VIRGO: Hidden doubts can undermine your position if you don't deal with the ones in your own mind.

Neptune and Jupiter could mean you find yourself getting drawn into all kinds of games. …

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