Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Praise for SCU Social Justice

Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Praise for SCU Social Justice

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MANY organisations and businesses develop mission and value statements, and then don't live up to their rhetoric.

Southern Cross University deserves a 'high distinction' for upholding its values of social justice.

A recent example of this commitment to social justice is its continuing employment of Dr Megumi Ogawa, albeit on extended leave without pay, while she seeks to appeal her recent conviction.

Quite rightly, the university has maintained her employment while she seeks an opportunity to present her case. Should she not be afforded an opportunity to appeal her judgment, Southern Cross University will then have a further opportunity to show its commitment to its values by demonstrating that a person should not be punished twice for committing the one offence.

Congratulations to Southern Cross University for taking such a stand.

Outdoor dining

RICHMOND Valley Council's planning on improving CBD areas should have its health inspectors on the job first.

Early morning, stand in the middle of the street, opposite any one of those ugly street cafes.

Watch the sunbeams closely, and as every vehicle rolls past, a cloud of powdered dirt rises up to five metres high and spreads over a wide area. Your coffee and bun gets a thin film every time.

In Casino, extra flavour comes from powdered dirt droppings.

If you value your health, always eat indoors, or 20 metres from moving traffic. The cure for the problem is a bulldozer.

Hospital care

MY PARTICULAR concern is with Ballina Hospital.

It is looking like it is heading for closure, the way staff are being reduced. The staff are all extremely stressed. There are not enough of them to care properly for the patients, and this includes cleaning and maintenance.

Please keep up your good work - too many people are suffering.

Fluoride ethics

FOR more than 2000 years every physician, on graduating, has sworn to uphold the ethics and ideals which are expressed simply in the Hippocratic Oath. …

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