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Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

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Sonia Sotomayor, your newest Supreme Court nominee, has an impressive judicial resume and years of experience - or she probably wouldn't have been nominated by President Barack Obama.

Sotomayor, in case you didn't know, had a hand in two key decisions involving sports.

As a federal district judge in New York, she issued a bench ruling in 1995 that directed Major League Baseball owners to restore free agency and salary arbitration. It essentially ended baseball's longest strike, and she did it after deliberating for 15 minutes.

Obama noted that it was "a swiftness appreciated by baseball fans everywhere ... some say Judge Sotomayor saved baseball."

Then, as a member of the three-judge U.S. District Court of Appeals, Sotomayor voted to overturn a decision by a district court judge that struck down the NFL's age restriction for college players. Maurice Clarett had challenged the NFL's rule that a college player had to be three seasons removed from his senior year in high school, a rule that remains in effect.

Oddly enough, one decision benefited the athletes in one sport, and the other decision likely wasn't embraced by future players in another sport.

It might be that Sotomayor will be a fair and balanced member of the high court.


Everyone's joining Twitter, so why shouldn't professional golfers? Stewart Cink and Davis Love III are two examples, and they're a long way removed from their teen years.

Want to know what they're tweeting? I intercepted (OK, made up) a few submissions.

- Love3d: "Qualified for the British Open. Three behind through 54 holes the last time it was at Turnberry in '94, shot 74 in the final round. Nick Price won it. Good thing he's on the old guys' Tour now."

- LongJohnD: "Great sausage dogs at Wentworth ... hey, the best part about these pants is they hide mustard stains."

- AdamScott: "Missed my sixth cut in a row and now Kate Hudson has my cell number blocked. Can it get any worse?"

- SergioG@AdamScott: "Yes it can ... the girl I filmed the Michelob commercials with is now stalking me. …

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