Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

RANTS & RAVES; Teixeira Has His Head on Straight

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

RANTS & RAVES; Teixeira Has His Head on Straight

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The 2 cents column on May 11 was a disservice to Mark Teixeira, who I've known since he was a child.

You should check the facts before cutting down a guy. A baseball player is owned by the team and can be traded any time. He can negotiate on the free market only at contract time. The Rangers, after 4 1/2 years sold him to the Braves, who sold him to the Angels. His contract expired, and his hometown team Baltimore offered $140 million over seven years, the Angels offered $160 million over eight years and the Yankees $180 million over eight years. Who wouldn't want to play in a brand new stadium with the richest history in baseball and the best possibility of winning year after year? For these reasons and the fact ... many relatives are nearby, he chose the Yankees.

You should be writing about this man in a positive way. He is the real deal, a fine young man, father, son and husband whose head is on straight - a rarity these days.


Mary Sullivan's response in Saturday's Rants & Raves [May 23] reminded me how my children used to respond when they were 2 years old and in the throes of a tantrum, right before they were sent to "timeout."

Ms. Sullivan could use a "timeout." Her rambling, indignant response did nothing more than confirm that she gave Josh Scobee preferential treatment. By citing that Josh Scobee signed up to be a volunteer and paid for his uniform "just like the other 2,000 people did" without explaining how she selected Scobee to be Tiger Woods' escort, Ms. Sullivan helped prove the case against her. She quite simply looked over all of the other deserving volunteers for Scobee's benefit. ... The other 2,000 volunteers most certainly would have loved to have been Tiger's escort. ... She should apologize and resign as captain of the Escort Committee, or Mr. …

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