Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

We Don't Want the Rally on Doorstep

Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

We Don't Want the Rally on Doorstep

Article excerpt

PLEASE someone slap me with a bit of 4x2.

I can't believe, let alone understand, the ideology of the powers-that-be. We don't want the Repco Rally. We live here because we love the natural surroundings, not the other.

Let's face it, we don't live here for employment opportunities, public transport or local government transparency.

An opportunity still exists for it to be an outstanding region at the forefront of sustainability, which could literally go up in smoke for a few projected rally-associated dollars.

What are the projected costs?

Local governments, please stop devaluing not only our diverse environment but the opinions of residents/ratepayers.

See you at the polling booth, sooner than later, I hope.

Bravo, Salvos

THANK you, editor, for the article about the Salvos (27/5) and all the other volunteer organisations.

You certainly socked it to some people who will always find something to whinge about no matter how much help they get.

Blues on green

RE Green View (NS 22/9). Sue Arnold attacks the Byron Bay Blues Festival.

I have lived in Byron Bay all my life and can honestly say I have never attended the festival.

I have heard the festival music over the years. Firstly from the football field, then from Belongil Fields.

I must say it sounds better than some of the bands from downtown (except Lisa Hunt) or the tom-tom drums that go most of the night.

Sue states that there were 42 drink-driving arrests over that weekend. Whilst this is not good, out of 85,000 people from 25 different countries, it is not too bad either.

What Sue fails to explain in her study is whether these 42 drink drivers were going to, or leaving the festival, as the booze bus was outside the hospital checking drivers going to the festival.

As for tramping around in the mud, there have been very few dry days during the 20-year history of the festival. It has become a tradition to be ready for the mud and it does not deter anyone.

As we can guess, Sue does not live in Byron Bay, as she thinks the festival on its own causes gridlocks in the town traffic.

What about school holidays, Queensland long weekends, and even normal week days in the morning and afternoon?

Sue then goes on to say that Byron Shire Council should undertake a social impact study, adding more costs to the ratepayers.

A voluntary job for Sue?

Byron Shire Council has spruiked for years about its 'park and ride', into a town of no infrastructure.

But wait, the festival organisers have had 'park and ride' for 20 years, and have proved that the system works for them.

Sue again states that the organisers say that these musical festivals are the new culture. To her mind, culture is the theatre, opera, ballet and art galleries. …

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