Setting Personal Boundaries

Article excerpt

Often we are bombarded with requests for our time. Helping others can be very rewarding, but at the same time we can deplete our own resources and therefore not be fulfilling our own needs. Why do we do this?

Fulfilling everyone's needs before our own often means that we lack personal boundaries.

Some people fail to establish firm personal boundaries due to a strong need to please everyone else; this makes them feel needed.

Many individuals compromise their own boundaries simply because they want to avoid the guilt associated with saying "no."

Setting boundaries can help to prevent this type of stress and exhaustion. Boundaries define limits and provide dividing lines between what is acceptable for us and what is not.

Having healthy boundaries means accepting that you are a separate individual with your own emotions, needs, attitudes, and values.

Personal physical, emotional, and sexual boundaries help to define our sense of self, they protect us, give us control in our lives, endow us with self respect, and they promote healthy relationships.

How can we establish firm boundaries? …


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