Horsing around to Beat Bullies; Teven Women Use {Lsquo}equine Interactive Learning' to Help Bullies and Bullied

Article excerpt

Byline: SAMANTHA ELLEY news@northernstar.com.au

MR ED would be so proud!

With the help of horses Sparky, Lily and Benny, a new course on combating bullying has been established by Horse Sense for Humans at Teven.

Co-owners Tiffany Carmichael and Holly Ohlson said they were excited about how their horses could help victims of bullying, and the bullies themselves, become self-confident and learn to deal with the issues that cause so much angst in schools and workplaces.

"It's called equine interactive learning," Ms Carmichael said. "The beauty of horses is that they provide instant feedback to a person.

"So if a horse is approached aggressively, they may not do what someone requires of them."

With 30-plus years of horse training and human resources experience between them, Ms Carmichael and Ms Ohlson believe they are the only company in Australia using equine interactive learning to overcome bullying.

"We'll often get a person to do a simple task, like put a halter and lead rope on a horse," Ms Ohlson said. …


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