Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)


Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)


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Byline: Debbieo Frank

Calls are charged at 75p per minute BT landline. Other networks and mobiles may vary.

Call 09058 171 440 Call 09058 171 441 Call 09058 171 442 Call 09058 171 443 Call 09058 171 444 Call 09058 171 445 Call 09058 171 446 Call 09058 171 447 Call 09058 171 448 Call 09058 171 449 Call 09058 171 450 Call 09058 171 451 ARIES: There's often a conflict within you between self-assertion and compromise and today's planetary combination accentuates this split. Aries is a sign of dynamic action and often others aren't as quick to move as you are. Be patient with those you love and you find that your desires come to fruition in a way that suits you perfectly.

TAURUS: When you see something that promises to fulfil your desires, you have to act quickly in order to secure it. Mars, planet of action and Venus, planet of love are in Taurus leading to a radical series of events. If you can keep your feet on the ground you will know exactly what to do as the scenario unfolds.

GEMINI: You're being pushed to respond in a way that you are not entirely comfortable with, but you can treat this request as an opportunity to create more boundaries. Everything that happens to you is a learning experience and it's up to you what you do with the results. You could travel in many directions from where you stand now.

CANCER: The energy for change is there, but it's up to you to run with the baton you have been handed.

Don't wait for someone else to spot the same opportunity that you have, but do everything in your power to help it all fall into place. Ultimately you just have to trust that what is meant to be will happen.

LEO: The lion in you is longing to get out and express itself, but sometimes your shyness gets the better of you. You need to push for what you know you deserve instead of waiting for it to be handed to you on a plate. As a general rule the more energy you put in, the more you get out.

VIRGO: Hiding your light under a bushel is a habit that you could do without now. While you hesitate to push yourself forward you know you have something valuable to offer. …

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