Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Stars with Dabbie Frank

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Stars with Dabbie Frank

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Byline: Dabbie Frank

Calls are charged at 75p per minute BT landline. Other networks and mobiles may vary.

Call 09058 171 440 Call 09058 171 441 Call 09058 171 442 Call 09058 171 443 Call 09058 171 444 Call 09058 171 445 Call 09058 171 446 Call 09058 171 447 Call 09058 171 448 Call 09058 171 449 Call 09058 171 450 Call 09058 171 451 ARIES: Mars is inspired by generous Jupiter today which means you are an unstoppable force.

Perhaps part of you has a tendency to keep on going when people around you are losing focus or hope in a project. Pay attention to little signs that could help you get lucky. You can capitalise on this valuable learning opportunity.

TAURUS: You don't want to blame anyone for what has happened, but you have to admit that part of you just wants to get on things. These feelings are better out than in and once you accept and release the past you can move into embracing your future and everything that entails. Nothing is set in stone as yet.

GEMINI: You have a tendency to take on too much, but you can learn to listen to the warning signs.

Today Mars comes meets the joyful influence of Jupiter and you become aware of opportunities to place your time and energy. You can achieve much at this point as long as you believe in your own talents and the power of positive action.

CANCER: The influence you have within a certain situation surprises you in some ways, but you need to honour the unique qualities you have to offer. You have a tendency to question your abilities when all you have to do is allow the flowering to take place.

It's about preparing for take-off and sorting out last minute details.

LEO: You know what needs to be done, but it's actually putting it all into practice that challenges you. The link between Mars and Jupiter lifts your spirits, but you also need to put in some careful planning and aim for success achieved over a period of time. The old saying holds true: if at first you don't succeed, you need to try again.

VIRGO: You don't want to seem ungrateful, but actually you would have liked more support for what you are going through. …

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