Cities in Europe, Russia and China on the Cruise Itinerary

Article excerpt

VIKING River Cruises takes its passengers on a journey through the great cities of Europe, Russia and China. Passengers can explore the history and culture of these countries on guided tours, taking in the breathtaking scenery along some of the world's most celebrated waterways. All from the relaxing comfort of a well appointed, spacious Viking ship.

"There really is no better way to get close to some of the world's most spectacular places," Jetset Travel principal Glenda Halliwell said. "Unlike most river-cruise companies, Viking actually owns and operates their own ships, which guarantees that whichever cruise guests choose, they are met with the highest standards of service and facilities."

Glenda said passengers can also be assured that when they book a Viking river cruise, there won't be any hidden costs.

"All meals on board, plus a selection of shore excursions, lectures and cultural performances, gratuities and port charges are included in the price you pay.

"You can even pay for your drinks on board in advance, with the Silver Spirits premium beverage package, so there's no need to worry about exchange rates.

"That's what makes Viking different and why they are number one in river cruises. …


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