Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Sunday (Maroochydore, Australia)

$50M Should Buy a Massage or Two

Newspaper article Sunshine Coast Sunday (Maroochydore, Australia)

$50M Should Buy a Massage or Two

Article excerpt

HELLO. It's me again.

Slaving over the laptop to try and make sure your life is perfect.

It's all about you, of course.

Always has been.

Another Thursday night wasted, pounding away at the keyboard.

But do you care?

Not one little bit, you ungrateful pack of ...

Sorry, that was uncalled for.

I'm just a bit out of sorts.

I hadn't planned to be sitting here tonight. I was supposed to be sunning myself on a tropical island.

Or flying first class somewhere.

It's those big Lotto draws they keep having, you see.

That $50 million prize the other day got my hopes up.

I had it spent and then they ripped it away.

We got three of the six numbers, but apparently that doesn't mean we can get half the prizemoney.

I know that because we asked.

The man at the Lotto office was very snippy about the whole thing.

Maybe he was having a bad day.

Or only got two numbers.

I tried explaining to him that it was very hard to pick three numbers and I thought we deserved something.

Apparently not.

It's probably just as well.

I think I told you how my wife and I play that game where we pretend we've won millions of dollars and then have a serious discussion about how we would spend it.

It can go on for days.

Spending a million here, a million there. The trips, the cars, the new friends.

You mob didn't cop a mention, by the way.

Just so you're under no illusions.

Of course, then we don't win and our world falls apart.

Depression sets in and we cry ourselves to sleep for a week.

But for once I didn't mind not winning the big one, because we had a bit of a disagreement in the days before the $50 million draw.

We played the usual Lotto spending game and it was fine, but then we started talking about what we would do immediately after we realised we had won. …

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