Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Vent Your Spleen

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Vent Your Spleen

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IN REPLY to JA, Gateshead, many years ago I was trained by the RAF to do a job and the only way it was possible for me to be proficient at that job was by doing it.

I was not famous so no one took any notice. Every day in all our armed forces hundreds of men and women are being trained on very expensive equipment and pilots in particular fly helicopters and planes all over the UK. This is necessary to learn how to get from A to B and back, the destination is not important it is part of the exercise. If JA, Gateshead, needs to moan try doing it about our layabouts in Westminster voting themselves an inflation busting increase in already ridiculous pensions.

AT, Consett Via e-mail.

I AM pleased to see Pensions Minister Angela Eagle MP informing local pensioners to claim pensioner credit and other benefits that they are entitled to.

However, may I give her some advice, that is if she and her party had increased pensions over the last 12 years and restored the pension rise in line with wages, consolidated the winter fuel payments and the free bus travel into the weekly pension, pensioners would not have to go cap in hand for a hand out .

GH, Northumberland.

ON approaching the Tyne Tunnel from South Shields recently I required change for toll. With no man or machine in position to give any, was told change given other end. On reaching barrier I duly asked for change whereupon I was let through and directed to a offshoot for change to be given then asked to drive around to the barrier again to put toll in and proceed.

This took some 10-plus minutes of wasted time when as in the earlier days change was given at the barrier. Who is running the Tunnel these days - the Chuckle Brothers? - because I can't see a more ludicrous system than what these clowns are practising.

RT, Killingworth.

FOR those who continue to beef on about the Royal's expenses and Prince Andrew. Continuing to concern oneself about the situation will only result in people becoming out of their depth. …

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