A Face to Remember; the Man Who Sold His Face Scores a Lead Movie Role

Article excerpt

JASON Niebling came to our attention as the tattooed dude who wanted to become a human billboard and now he's in the movies.

Mr Niebling made national and international news last year when he offered to sell space on the right side of his face for advertising.

"When I put up my head for auction, it went worldwide. It was in the New York Daily Times, Omaha, Turkmenistan. It went rank," Mr Niebling said.

"It worked out pretty good because if I hadn't done that I probably wouldn't have got this role."

The 37-year-old Ipswichian, who goes by the nickname Wal, put his name on a talent website and landed a role in an international action film Blood Money.

"I'm registered with a website called StarNow.com.au and that's where the reality shows and movie directors go to find people they're looking for," he said.

"I don't have an agent; it only costs me $5 to be registered on that site. Mike Goldman got picked up off that website."

He got a phone call to audition as an extra at Q1 on the Gold Coast, but was asked to do a cold read and two days later got the lead Australian role.

"I got a speaking part and a credited role. The name of my character is Wolf and he's the leader of the Australian bikie gang," he said.

"I'm not a bikie myself but I've been around them all my life, with the tattoos and everything.

"We ended up going to Miami, Florida, to do some filming over there.

"I hadn't flown before - or I think I might have flown to Sydney when I was a kid - and then here I was, 18 hours to LA and then another flight to Miami, all expenses paid. …


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