Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Vent Your Spleen

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Vent Your Spleen

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AFTER reading a recent story in the Chronicle, can we if possible get some things into perspective, on Page 27 headline "Payback Time" on a henchman Neil Barratt, he will be stripped of his ill-gotten gains, which I quite agree with for drugs and violence, living in Darras Hall with his way of life.

Let's not forget on Page 5 headline "Price of Parliament" our so called list of local MPs and their expenses. Will they be pursued, taken to court and have all their ill-gotten gains taken away, I certainly hope so.

No wonder half of the country did not vote at these recent elections, nobody can be trusted. I don't want them to resign, I want these MPs to be brought to justice, just like Neil Barratt.


I WOULD just like to say a big thank you to the kind people who came immediately to my assistance outside Asda, Benton on Saturday June 27, when I had a nasty fall in the afternoon. Nice to know that there are still caring people in the world today.

SW, Gosforth.

HOW I would love to be a fly on the wall in the Newcastle United corridors of power!

Just when we thought the humiliation of the most loyal fans in world football had reached its peak, a design team has collectively decided that the new away strip should feature - wait for it - yellow streaks.

The shirt is unwearable, in awful bad taste and open to deserved ridicule from opposing supporters everywhere.

This club is being run by idiots, there's no nice way of saying it. How can we muster any hope for next season when even these most basic of matters are being managed so farcically? JW, Ryton.

Will Newcastle United players be demanding overtime now that they have to play more matches in the Championship than they did in the Premier league?

AW, Gosforth WITH regard to the neglected properties the council are proposing to compulsory purchase, and presumably refurbish, all I would say in this matter is simply this, every week in the Evening Chronicle there are at least 30 to 40 homes all in the same areas as these houses which I assume have been refurbished, but the council appear to be struggling to find tenants for, so what on earth are we doing refurbishing more when we can't find tenants for the ones that are available is beyond me. …

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