Newspaper article Gympie Times, The Qld.

Greens Put on Show; Orchid Experts Host the Horticultural Society

Newspaper article Gympie Times, The Qld.

Greens Put on Show; Orchid Experts Host the Horticultural Society

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THE July meeting of the Gympie Horticultural Society held in the winter garden of John and Kaye Green was very well attended.

The group learned much about orchid growing both by walking through the well filled greenhouses to the talk given by John. He insists they are very simple plants to grow as long as you learn where they originate from and whether they are epiphytes or ground growing.

However patience is needed as it takes seven years from seed capsule (it takes one year to be ready for planting) then this goes to a specialist grower for the next step.

When this flask is back in John's hands he then pots into a tube, then 12 months later a small pot, then another year to be potted up.

One very strong suggestion for any orchid you purchase is to allow it to grow for several years in its pot, then only pot into the next size. And don't be greedy, a plant looks much better in a large size when it rewards with many blooms.

Our native Australian orchids have high value with overseas growers.

Dendrobium speciosum (now Thelychitons), King orchid is perhaps the best orchid in the world, although its outstanding bloom only lasts about a week.

There are two outstanding orchid families in John and Kaye's greenhouses.

The Oncidiums that John does not like to be called 'dancing ladies'. The range of flower types and colours is wide. John showed us stunning mauve ones flowering now.

John is a recognised Bulbophyllum grower. This one has flowers of a rather different shape. Most have 'tails'.

These are grown in rather large flat containers and this method has a plant of great interest when flowering. These have been winners on the show bench.

Epiphyte orchids love being in trees. So a humid area will become a delightful orchid house with little effort.

John showed orchids growing very happily in frangipanis and mango, and even citrus.

Vanda orchids like plenty of warmth and sun.

If growing in pots the potting mix needs to be open and peat and vermiculate is readily available. …

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