Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Proper Ty Clinic

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Proper Ty Clinic

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Q. I've originally decorated my daughter's nursery in beige but now want it to look more feminine -do I have to start from scratch? Proper ty clinic

LESLEY says: Not at all, in fact injecting pink into this scheme will give you the edge you are looking for and the beige will stop things from looking to saccharin. Why not add a pretty decal to your daughter's wall, they are basically large stickers that can be placed almost anywhere from walls and glass to furniture. Rockett St George has a fantastic range including butterflies, flowers and bespoke name stickers all in lovely shades of pink. Or try logging on to to take a look at its collection which includes some beautiful butterflies.

Q. I'm looking into greener sources of energy for my home. Can you explain more about ground source heat pumps? ALAN says: Ground source heat pumps can be installed in an existing suitable property or fitted during a new build and with a range of grants and offers available, accessibility to these measures has never been better. These pumps use the Earth's sub-surface heat to provide heating to a house, using a process similar to that used in household fridges. The temperature at about two metres below the surface of the land or water remains fairly constant at about 11C throughout the year. The heat pump extracts energy from the ground and transfers it to the water in your heating system.

DECAL DETAIL: Butterfly and flower stickers can add colour to your walls

An electric pump is required to achieve this, however for every unit of energy used by the pump, three to five units of energy are extracted from the ground.

Ground source heat pumps require reasonably large areas of ground to accommodate the ground loops. Typically 50-100m of trenching is required. An alternative, at an extra cost is to use bore-holes which are drilled vertically into the ground and therefore require less space. Normally, bore holes range from 70-100 metres deep and the cost varies depending on the location and rock type.

Domestic hot water is normally stored at 60-65oC and, as the heat pumps can generally only lift temperatures to around 45-50oC, an additional water heating element will be required. …

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