Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Readers' Poems

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Readers' Poems

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YESTERDAY WITH YOU Stop the sun from falling, as it sneaks behind the hill.

Try and stall the night sky, as it moves in for the kill. Make the owl redundant, prevent the roosting of the birds.

Halt the man who shouts "Goodnight" and give him back his words.

Return the tide from where it came and set the beach anew.

Tell the meadow grass to wake up and re-cover it with dew.

Rekindle the burning embers, that activate the sun. Then watch it spill across the fields, where the morning rabbits run.

Relay the breakfast table and rebutter all the toast. Refill the postman's letter bag, and cockerel to its post.

Reuniform the children and send them back to class.

Recongregate the faithful, in time for morning Mass. With midnight church bells muffled, send the earth into reverse.

An idealistic children's fantasy, from a fairy story verse.

Were they at my disposal, all these things and more I'd do, To relive one day from history and a yesterday with you.

In Loving Memory of George Pinkerton, who would have been 65 on August 14, 2009 TIP OF THE ICEBERG LETTUCE Toxic invasive psychiatry is always years too late, Confusion is more important to social creeping fate, The greed of Mr Ego will lay the poisoned bait, Progress for deception, in the past you'll have to wait.

Wake up mad ambition, I know it never rests, Fake praise for cold achievements and puerile little tests, I am the puissant victor, your cuckoo built a nest One man's work is another's hell, it's full of heaven's best!


THE WATCHERS Are you watching it or is it watching you? Makes you ask what the clever watchers can do. They say it's crime prevention with cameras galore, But privacy invaded, do we want any more? Cameras on roads and in car parking places, Viewing your vehicles and snapping your faces. The continual erosion of doing without eyes, Watching their vid screens as your privacy dies. So hopefully street crime is publicly thwarted, But with multi-watching eyes what have we started? Also who listens to calls that you make? Could this over-surveillance become tomorrow's mistake. …

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