Peaches Teaches; Peaches Geldof on the Morality of Cheating on a Lawyer, Our Craving for Freedom and a Magazine Habit

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Byline: Peaches Geldof

Q I can't stop being unfaithful to my boyfriend. He works late all the time (he's a lawyer) and I have lots of evenings free. I love to party and flirt and it's always been innocent, but recently things are getting out of control and twice I have ended up in bed with strangers. My boyfriend is sweet but obsessed. I think I love him, but most of all I'm ashamed of myself. Is it commitment that I am frightened of or perhaps I am just with the wrong man? Help.

A I don't think it's a commitment issue, or the wrong man, I think it's that you aren't ready for any relationship right now. Describing your boyfriend as 'sweet but obsessed' because he wants to see you when he gets off work, or maybe he's a little suspicious that you have been cheating, isn't fair. This man is with you because he wants to be, not because he's obsessed. You're sleeping with other men because you crave freedom. You talk about your lust to do things normally associated with singledom, not talk court issues with your lawyer when he gets home. If you've any doubt, just reread your letter. You even say you 'think' you love him. When a person loves, they love with every fibre of their being. My advice is to dump your man before you really hurt him, and be single for a while. That way, you'll probably stop compulsively sleeping with strangers and have actual dates, which will make you feel less lousy. Lawyer Boy is going to be upset, but don't get talked out of the dumping by his snake-tongued courtroom charm skills. Think Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde - be sweet but firm. Who knows? On a future date you might meet your Prince Charming, one you'll know you love. If not, at least you can spend nights the way you apparently wish to - ie, knocking back Smirnoff Ices in Chinawhite.

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