Newspaper article The Daily Mercury (Mackay, Australia)

City Changes for Worse

Newspaper article The Daily Mercury (Mackay, Australia)

City Changes for Worse

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MACKAY is one of the most beautiful regional centres you'll come across and be fortunate enough to live in.

I'll admit I'm biased being Mackay born and bred and a descendant of a local building family whose contribution to the early development of Mackay still stands proudly in the form of many gracious buildings.

I have a strong interest in maintaining and enhancing local features that say something about Mackay's history.

For the most part development has not meant the loss of too much green space, historic buildings and the quality of life that has given Mackay its own unique character. But, sadly, all that seems to be changing for the worse if the local council continues on its path of uninspired, piecemeal development.

What is this rubbish being proposed for our iconic showgrounds?

Put aside the years of general neglect and lack of vision by councils and think of the council's contribution over the years as a public asset for all Mackay people to use. With vision it can be the ideal location for a stadium complete with some buildings worthy of being retained as historic elements of the complex.

It would be far cheaper for us, the ratepayers, to revamp our showgrounds than demolish it and relocate.

As for more parking space during show time and major events, why not look to developing some of the area behind the army barracks, which is currently used for council storage including excess dirt.

As for the war memorial pool, I'm sure there would be people turning in their graves if the pool was to close. It was built using a lot of donations from local people as a memorial to the war efforts of local people.

Again, with a little vision and good design a Mackay icon could be given a new breath of life.

And what about Mackay's icons like the cenotaph and WWII and Vietnam War memorials which the Mackay Regional Council is now planning to remove and also rip up surrounding trees to make up for their lack of organisation in car parking for the convention and entertainment centre?

Don't they have any heritage value?

And if so why didn't the council building approval process protect them?

And what is it that makes local councils see water and think high-rise developments?

Now we have those monstrosities crowding out our riverside and encroaching on our city centre areas with nowhere near enough residential parking allocated. It is about time we as a community stood up and had a say on a future vision for our town. I'm sure there are plenty of ideas out there worth considering and as many gripes about the direction in which we are heading. I'd like to hear what others think.


Trees not concrete

I ALSO would like to add my disgust to the Jubilee Park debacle.

The park could be revitalised with paths for a fraction of the cost of shifting memorials to wherever. …

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