Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

Knoll a Great Part of History

Newspaper article The Queensland Times (Ipswich, Australia)

Knoll a Great Part of History

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I NOTICED recently in the QT a report where a school student was concerned about the state of Cunningham's Knoll on Limestone Hill.

This brought back many memories of my days as a student of the then Ipswich Central Boys' School.

In those days there was a rear entrance to the school grounds via the rear of Cunningham's Knoll.

We students mainly rode bikes to school and used this rear entrance.

There was a track between the knoll and a very large Limestone Hill, this hill was pure burnt limestone left over from the days when the limestone was used in the construction of many of Brisbane's early buildings.

Many a time after school with my mates we would slide down the side of this hill on sheets of galvanised iron.

Unfortunately a later park curator saw fit to bulldoze this hill and only after a public outcry was the present mound of limestone reclaimed.

A pit where the limestone was fired was discovered later on by a group of scouts and should still be in existence.

In those days it was possible to drive around the base of Cunningham's Knoll and many a day we spent at the northern side of the knoll watching Percy Manders unloading his cargo boat at his wharf adjacent to Hancock's sawmill.

Unfortunately the Ipswich Council saw fit to close off this road around the base of the knoll depriving us of enjoying this part of Ipswich's heritage.

As a tourist operator I have taken many groups to the knoll to explain its relevance to Ipswich's heritage and to inform them about the river up which the first explorers came and discovered the Ipswich area, the discovery of coal adjacent to the river, the early ships which plied between Brisbane and Ipswich, and the explorer Cunningham who was reported to have camped under the fig tree at the top of the knoll from where he sighted Cunningham's Gap.

As Ipswich rates itself as a heritage city I would suggest that the road around the base of the knoll be restored and the story of its history be recorded on a plaque for all to see and appreciate. …

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