Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Babies Deserve Protection

Newspaper article The Chronicle (Toowoomba, Australia)

Babies Deserve Protection

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ISN'T it ironic that every person involved in the abortion debate has been spared the procedure themselves?

Fortunately, for them, their mother decided to go through with the pregnancy or they wouldn't be here to argue the issue today.

With apologies to readers who tune into this column each week for ranting and ravings and a twisted view of this world, this issue was prominent this week and couldn't go without comment.

Most disturbing, for me, was a metropolitan newspaper article which reported: "New Queensland Health figures show 19 babies were aborted at 20 weeks or more in 2007, but rather than dying at birth as intended, the newborns were able to breathe unaided.

"The babies, some as advanced as 26 weeks, were aborted using drugs to induce labour. Once born, no medical help was offered and they died soon afterwards."

This is not the old Soviet Union here, this is Queensland - the alleged "Smart State".

Our premier raced to have legislation enacted that would defend those who perform abortions, particularly late term abortions, from criminal charges.

While some might applaud a government trying to protect its medical profession, where is the protection for the unborn?

Of course, the State (see "our politicians") doesn't consider the child in the womb a human being until about 28 weeks or so.

Just what is the woman carrying around in her womb up until then? A "thing", an alien?

How many women come home from the doctor and excitedly announce to their husband/partner/significant other: "Honey, the doctor says I've got a four-week growth".

No. She says something like "We're going to have a baby". Because that's what it is.

Somehow, the State would have us believe that that which is in the womb is not a baby at 26 weeks of pregnancy and point to the fact that the child cannot live outside the womb on its own. …

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