Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

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Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)

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TO the pack of scummy hyenas who attacked and gang-bashed my missus on friday night, justice will be served.

benny hough

TO the man/woman who hit the little green car on the kinkora round about at 4:00pm on mon afternoon, or to anyone who may have got a number plate, can you please have the courtesy to call me. I now have a dint in my passengers side. Driving off like that was completely wrong of you. You were in the wrong. Not me. A great thanks to anyone who can help.


TO jw kk, thanks 2 terrorism there are now laws that restrict who can access a wharf. So unless u r authorised, no access! As 4 ur rates going 2 wharf infastructure, not sure council could afford that! Leave that 2 GPC, eh?

JR Tannum.

VERY disappointing seafood festival. Only 1 stall selling cooked seafood. Where was the rest of it? Supposed to be a festival/celebration of seafood and there wasn't any to celebrate! Suggest committee do something better next yr or i'm sure turn out will be less than 2000.

One of many unhappy locals.

I'D like to know what happen to the days when you would get your hair washed at the hairdressers and not having to pay extra,cuz it was part of the service and the experience?

B. West glad

IF its not cats it dogs. the people next door to me have 4 or 5 cats they should worry more about the Council finding out. and stop complaining about my dogs....

glen eden

I THINK the public needs to remember that Gladstone operates a regional health service with limited resources. Waiting times are nothing compared to city hospitals. Get a grip & quit whinging.

N. Herbert West G'stone

CAN'T believe the negative attitude towards the hospital. Everytime I'm there I see staff working real hard to make people healthy & happy. Go to rocky - I'm sure gladdy staff would b relieved to not have to put up with ur whinging.

L. Cooke, Glen Eden.

PEOPLE parking there cars on both sides of a st, why not use some consideration, park them in your empty drive ways or yard!

Annoyed, kin kora.

METEORS hockey club and gladstone hockey need to take some action for the disgusting behaviour of their boys team coaches and supporters, disgraceful, should be banned for life, to think kids being mentored by them?


HEY silver fox. You never served your one match ban for reserve grade. Bye's don't count. Therefore. Meteors playing unavailable player should forfeit? Gha what are you doing? Two different rules for two different clubs?

Hockey fan

TO aiden lowe, thanks 4 the sms mate cracked me up n made my day.

T Bone, Tannum

BEING a stay at home mum is an absolute privellige to me and im very grateful that i can stay home. To all u working mums thou, i take my hat off to u, u do a fantastic job! …

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