The Smart Shopper

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Byline: Charles Campion


Ferreira is a small, very small, Portuguese deli on Delancey Street in Camden. Despite there being not enough room to swing a cat, each lunchtime sees a score of people clogging the floor space as they wait for serious-sized rolls stuffed with Portuguese charcuterie or sublime pasteis de nata -- the glorious little custard tarts that can so easily become addictive. Pasteis 70p each. Ferreira Delicatessen, 40 Delancey Street, NW1 (020 7485 2351)


One of the most satisfactory ways of routing your enemies is to eat them and this is particularly true when it comes to the Signal crayfish. This American immigrant has run amok in British streams and ponds and overwhelmed the native British freshwater crayfish. Thankfully, the Yanks are delicious when served with melted butter so we can support our native fauna by eating as many of the incomers as possible. This is the plan implemented by Ranald Macdonald of the Boisdale restaurant group. He also owns a country pub, the Lamb at Hindon, where on 26 September during the village fair Macdonald is holding a "crayfish spectacular". …


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