Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)


Newspaper article The Observer (Gladstone, Australia)


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WHO was your msg about the ring for Liberated?

KENNY mc check who threw punches first not that i agree with fighting but you should remember who started it AS Central

HARD Worker Observer friday,u hit the nail on the head precisely mate. HINDY barney point

DOES anyone else notice p plate drivers in gladdy obviously think they been driving long enuf 2 not have 2 follow road rules! Whats the go?

RE bemused / i see you dont play hockey as the new turf will benefit our up & coming players & dont worry about losing players we'll all be there next year PLAYER

TO new girl contact lockyer good diver kev miriam

GLADSTONE iz so borin der nuttin 2 do hear Bord sunvalley

YO gld peeps sup? Wat happn were da place 2 hang round ere? Nethang gud 2 do in dis town? New gld

NEW girl you can join the curtis coast spearfishing club they do freediver training and can hook you up with boats to go out in. toetoe

MALE memopause is called andropause fair dinkem

I dont care what anyone says, i like the sms best about the paper. C adams

'MOM,can I go to the sunday church ?' pops out another mind boggling question from son - 'sure honey' as he proceeds to ask me to find 'a good one'. Still looking...(20 years later) diwi

2 yummy stay at home mummys my daytime services are no longer avalable. jr the boyne whiteant

RE new girl try drive smart

2 Just wondering. Churches yellow pgs 137. Probably get yes from all. Trish TS

2 yes, adoption: kill a child 2 'save' from misery/abuse? How can u assume all aborted wld b abused if allowed the right 2 live. incorrect so many up 4 adoption; many wld may b better off but not available. Trish TS

GREAT new eatery in Tannum - Lilac Lily's, great food, service and view. Well done ladies. Happy Diner TS

CHEC your rates notice. GRC wanted 2 charge me twice 4 my water usage. Lucky i rang them. RNS KinKora

TO the 2 girls out front on fday at the optom in tank st thanks for your friendly and efficent service - happy customer

IN response 2 the letter in fri obs 18/9. Lauren i to have had no success in getting a job here im a 22yo single mum. Im currently linked with an employment agency who have not helped me at all. …

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