The Case Studies; Shoplifting Wife and 10 Pints a Night Student among Successes

Article excerpt

* A 34-YEAR-OLD was arrested for the first time for shoplifting.

The woman had no previous dealings with police.

The distress of the custody process and the possibility of a court appearance gave the opportunity to look at her situation and its link to her drinking problem.

She was having work and marital problems because of her drinking.

Her husband had tried everything to stop her drinking, including taking away her cash and cards.

On the day of arrest she was on her lunch break and tried to steal a bottle of vodka.

She had no experience of shoplifting and was easily caught and arrested. She broke down and said she had wanted help but her pride and denial would not let her.

She was reassured that confidential treatment was available and she was more than willing to take up the opportunity of referral that the scheme provides.

She has now been sober for three months and her life has improved greatly.

* A 22-YEAR-OLD MAN with previous arrests for affray, drunk and disorderly and criminal damage.

The man had a history of drug use which he replaced with alcohol that then became problematic.

Six months ago he separated from his long-term girlfriend who had had enough of his behaviour. He was denied access to his young son.

His response was to drink from morning until night. He was the major drinker in his group of friends, who became sick of him attracting trouble and police involvement.

As part of the intervention he discussed the relationship between alcohol and his offending and the effect drink had on his personal life.

He admitted he was lost in an "alcohol world" and he did not know what to do about it.

He said that he had found the session extremely helpful because he had known for a long time he wanted to do something about his problem but there was no one he could "open up to" until now. …


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