Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; RANTS & RAVES Obama's Apology Tour Cost Us 2016 Olympics

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

T-YOU; RANTS & RAVES Obama's Apology Tour Cost Us 2016 Olympics

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President Obama, after taking office, has spent a lot of time touring other countries and apologizing for past and present conduct of the USA. Why would the IOC want to award the Olympics to a city in such a vile country? Turns out they didn't. Thank you, Mr. President.


International Olympic Committee: Thank you very much for totally disgracing our presidential family, Oprah, Gov. Dailey, and the various Illinois ACORN leadership today. Hopefully this will make them realize that things are not what they may appear to be. Being the "Messiah" is not as easy as it might seem. Most people just don't buy it.


Does Jimmy Carter now think the Olympic Committee is racist too?


So, as one ranter said, since President Bush was called out for lies (WMDs?), this Republican feels it's time for tit for tat and now feels justified in doing the same. You sir, or madam, are the reason many people such as myself have come to the conclusion that your party and/or people of your ilk are such sore losers that you find gratification in any criticism or failures our president may have. Sad. I did not agree with many of the Bush policies, but never uttered the word "liar" or supported the loonies who openly condemned and ridiculed our president for the world to see, as you are so gleefully doing now. Get over it. You would be the type of player on a football team that wished the demise of your quarterback because you don't like him. Even if it comes at the expense of the rest of the team.


Kudos to the writer who defended atheism. I believe all secularists are sick and tired of being "shunned" and treated like second-class citizens, if citizens at all, when we admit to our non-belief and told to move to China or someplace. …

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