Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Schools Now in Invidious Position

Newspaper article The Northern Star (Lismore, Australia)

Schools Now in Invidious Position

Article excerpt

MUCH has been written lately in newspapers about bullying in schools; mostly blaming teachers.

I would like to defend the invidious position in which schools find themselves.

Modern technology, especially mobile phones, allows students to communicate 24/7. Although they are banned in most schools, most students own and bring mobiles to school daily.

Some use them for bullying, spreading embarrassing and malicious tales about others. Others video fights or other incidents and post them on YouTube.

It is impossible to control their use within a school.

When vulnerable students are psychologically scarred, or worse, by these tactics, schools are blamed for not stopping the intimidation and bullying.

Parents reared these students. Parents bought the mobile phones for them. Parents allowed them to take the mobiles to school against school rules.

When are parents going to take responsibility for the result?

Train comment

BALLINA Mayor Phil Silver's comments ( Weekend Star 24-25/10) that the campaign to reinstate the Casino-Murwillumbah rail passenger services is 'very very foolish' are very, very foolish.

The mayor would do better to rise above his very short-sighted parochial concerns and see that we are all part of the Northern Rivers region, and come out in support of this push to re-establish some semblance of efficient public transport.

Even if the train does not go to Ballina he should recognise that many people in neighbouring council areas would benefit by such a service.

He is very, very foolish to say 'no one is going to use [it]' as the old 'surf train' was extremely popular.

Mayor Silver should stand in unity with the other council mayors in lobbying the state government to return rail services here and now, and at least stand behind the majority decision of his own council in opposing state government 'rail trail' legislation, not go grandstanding on this issue with his own negative and further divisive slant.

Alex Easton's editorial in the same Weekend Star was spot on. Once the existing tracks and bridges are repaired and a light commuter service is returned and its viability proven then we should consider extending the line to Ballina.

I'm sure if this option was available to Ballina people there would be many rail users. Not everyone can catch a jet or drive a car and I know many who would much prefer to go by train.

The rail line is not pie in the sky, it is there already - just add trains.

Flying foxes

MACLEAN High School Parents and Citizens Association have recently met at an extraordinary meeting in regard to the massive influx of flying foxes in the grounds and surrounds of Maclean High School.

Parents are very concerned about the occupational health and safety issues and extra costs for the school that have arisen as a result of the increase in the flying fox population. …

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