Choir Is No Longer Just Singing Hims. Girls Make History at Cathedral

Article excerpt

Byline: Neil McKay and Sam Wood

HISTORY was made yesterday as the first girls to join a Durham Cathedral choir sang at evensong.

The 20 girl choristers, who were installed as full choir members yesterday afternoon, have been in rehearsals since May and were practising in the cathedral's Quire Stalls last week.

Led by head girl chorister Catherine Pemberton, 12, the girls became the first to join the choir.

After the service, Catherine said: "It was fantastic to be part of the first ever service by girls in the cathedral. I always thought it was unfair that girls weren't allowed to be part of the choristers and now we are. The congregation seemed to really enjoy it, we got a thumbs-up all round."

Dean of Durham, the Very Rev Michael Sadgrove, said: "It is about time this happened, it was such a privilege to be there and hear the girls singing. There were a few very emotional people in there tonight."

Canon Rosalind Brown of Durham Cathedral said the girls would alternate with the boy choristers.

"They will only sing with the boys at certain larger services, such as Christmas.

Normally they will alternate with the 20 boy choristers.

"It is a very exciting occasion. Having girls in the choir does raise the profile of girls in the cathedral. …


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