Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

College Smackdown; Great Second Half Makes Me Wish for Better Season

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

College Smackdown; Great Second Half Makes Me Wish for Better Season

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Byline: W.D. Rodeffer

When the 'Noles kicked off at 8 p.m. Oct. 22, I was less than enthused about watching my struggling team.

Nevertheless I settled in to watch the first half of what looked to be the new Florida State football program. The first half was a disaster, and we made the Tar Heels look like All-Americans. The refs probably had more yards than both teams combined. Most of their calls seemed to be fair, but there were a few where I wanted to throw the flag back at them.

By halftime, I had locked up the house and was headed for bed, but something kept me in my chair for one more quarter. I am glad I did. Five minutes later my cell phone started going crazy with text messages. I am not sure who gave the halftime speech or what was said, but I hope they wrote it down. Please, let's use it again.

In the second half, quarterback Christian Ponder confirmed what only true 'Nole fans believe, that he has to be one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the nation. His comment that they were going to shock the world when they beat UNC was funny. With a truly great game like that, I wish our season was better.

I am also sorry this bad season is happening in a year when Smackdown buddy Eric Corbett's Gators are making history. While the Bulldogs are headed in the same direction as the 'Noles, I know my Smackdown pal Trey Dennard is the quintessential Georgia fan - he knows how to take it in stride.

As for me, I am sure I will figure something out.

Several people have asked me for an update on Brown Sugar, my RV that I got last year to take on Seminole road trips. "Suga" is a little sick with a previously unnoticed leaky roof, and I am waiting for a diagnosis from the shop before I put her back in action. However, for our latest adventure, my brother Ryan and I acquired a 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis limousine that one of our friends jacked up last weekend, just in time for the Florida-Georgia game. …

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