Newspaper article The Daily Mercury (Mackay, Australia)

Tip for Compassionate

Newspaper article The Daily Mercury (Mackay, Australia)

Tip for Compassionate

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IT seems ironic that it may take about two years for a skilled, verified person to gain entry to Australia.

In comparison, stateless people arrive on our doorstep expecting instant acceptance, regardless of their form of attempted entry, either by land or sea.

Some of these people have no proper form of identification due to erratic records in their home country so it may take months of patient searching by our officials for true identity checks.

In the meantime, they stay in our facilities at our expense, some even complaining about a lack of certain items they desire.

Compassion is needed for the plight of these troubled ones but so too is common sense.

Perhaps the compassionate ones wanting their presence may like to borrow a politician's travel pass and expense account (any of these) and go to those trouble spots, telling citizens there how much their abhorrent acts are hurting each other and their homeland.

Chances are that such compassionate deeds will be well received, gladly accepted and utilised.

Go Barnaby and harden up Malcolm

SUZANNE Brown's letter (DM 04/11/09) infers I do not believe in climate change.

Geologically and archaeologically the proof of climate change is irrefutable.

Many cycles of climate change have been identified and their driver identified. Unfortunately for the IPCC and Suzanne Brown, it has been scientifically proven that CO2 levels do not drive climate change and, more specifically, global temperature.

One of the ironies is Mann et al of the IPCC accidentally proved this when global temperature stopped rising in 1998 but atmospheric CO2 levels continued to rise.

They tried to suppress their own results because they were trying to prove that CO2 drives temperature, with drastic consequences to the Earth, according to their now debunked computer models.

The UN still funds these people.

None of this would matter except Rudd is going to sack 5000 north Queensland miners and raise the price of fuel, power, transport, fertiliser and food via the Emissions Taxation Scheme because, politically, he thinks it prudent to spruik CO2 as a global temperature driver.

If he believes he can sacrifice the bush to this gibberish he will become a one-term government. Go Barnaby, harden up Malcolm.

Footnote to Ms Brown: I have a Dip Applied Science majoring in Inorganic Chemistry, Batchelor Wood Technology, Dip Quality Control Systems, Dip Aus Inst of Mgt Bibliography available re scientific facts quoted. …

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